Bibi & Tina: Das Spiel zum Kinofilm

Bibi & Tina: Das Spiel zum Kinofilm
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher KID
Genre Other
Region EU
Views 3,968
Downloads 637
Released 27th Feb 2014 (UK/EU)
2.2/5 (1 vote)
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The story revolves around two close friends, Bibi and Tina, two girls who have different personalities but both love animals and have an interest in adventure. Join the game you will play Bibi or Tina, then you will own a horse, every day you have to take care of it so that it is always healthy before the adventure. The game brings an open world, where you can perform 17 different tasks or compete in the corn maze with your friend. During the game, you will also learn more about the characters through conversations between them.

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