Pokémon X & Pokémon Y

ConsoleNintendo 3DS
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , Asia , KR
Publisher Nintendo
Released October 12, 2013

Pokémon X & Y also known as Poketto Monsutā Ekkusu & Wai are two games in the seventh generation of the famous Pokémon series. The context of this section is taken with Kalos based on the terrain of beautiful France. Just like the previous versions, participating in the game you will become a young Pokémon trainer, when you start you can choose your gender and appearance then choose a starting Pokémon. This section also brings many different types of Pokémon, bringing the total number of Pokémon to 72 types, along with the appearance of Fairy-type which brings a great change to the gameplay. You can also exchange your Pokémon with other players around the world, even some of the Pokémon versions X and Y can exchange with each other. With fully 3D graphics first appeared, now you can control the character more flexibly, the battles also become more beautiful. When launching a fight against other players or with wild Pokémon, you will be taken to a battle arena in turn, where you can use a variety of combat options. In addition, with Mega Stones, you can evolve your Pokémon into a Mega Evolve form in battles that temporarily enhance the Pokémon’s power. After each victory, your Pokémon will be rewarded with a wealth of experience that will enable them to upgrade and learn new skills or even evolve into a new stronger Pokémon.

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