Atari Anniversary Edition

Atari Anniversary Edition
Console Sega Dreamcast
Publisher Infrogrames
Developer Digital Eclipse Software , Inc.
Genre Action
Views 97
Downloads 10
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The Dreamcast/Windows version features the following games: •Asteroids •Asteroids Deluxe •Battlezone •Centipede •Crystal Castles •Gravitar •Millipede •Missile Command •Pong •Super Breakout •Tempest •Warlords In addition to the pure emulation modes, there is an option to display the cabinet art surrounding the display of each game, intended to give the player a sense of actually playing a stand-up machine. Each game also has a toggle for an "enhanced" graphical mode, which varies from game to game. For instance, "enhanced" asteroids merely has a static backdrop, whereas "enhanced" warlords is a complete graphical overhaul with new colors. It should be noted that the "enhanced" version of Tempest is none other than Tempest Tubes, a modification for Tempest made in 1982 by Duncan Brown. Also included is a gallery of game memorabilia, video clips of an interview with Nolan Bushnell, and desktop themes for Windows.

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