Aladdin GBA

Console GBA
Genre Adventure , Platformer
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Capcom
Released 2005

Jafar is known as an evil warlock. Although he is considered to be the most loyal adviser to the king of Agrabah, he has devoted his life to research power and attempted to acquire the universe, far beyond Agrabah. In order to achieve this, he needed an oil lamp in the tomb called the Cave of Wonders. But it contains a lot of dangers and requires “the diamond in the rough” to safely get in.

Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine is being pushed to marry a prince of a neighboring country. This made her feel forced so she fled, later met and fell in love with ALADDIN. Jafar has captured both of them and asks him to get the lamp in the cave if he wants to be free and married Jasmine. Aladdin begins his perilous journey, but he is then locked by refusing to cooperate when he discovers the true conspiracy. Now, for everything to end well, he needs the help of Genie.

ALADDIN GBA is based on the plot of the film of the same name. So most of the scenes are quite familiar from Agrabah streets, sandy deserts, Cave of Wonders to dungeons, and Grand Vizier palace. Players take the role of Aladdin, travel with him through multiple maps, and battle enemies on the familiar Side-Scrolling platform. The level system is designed to be diverse, requiring players to complete a number of missions to continue exploring. It focuses on finding characters or collecting items such as diamonds, apples, mysterious chests, or defeating bosses.

Compared with the series of Mario Bros, the action element of ALADDIN GBA is quite a shortage. Characters only own skills to run, cling to surfaces to move, jump to attack, throw apples or use a large cloth to make parachutes. The enemies also appear scattered and easily defeated, but the environment is designed to be difficult, with many pitfalls. If players are not careful, they will be injured and wasted heart points, leading to loss of life. But it can be supplemented by buying more diamonds, or get it from Genie whenever you find him.
In addition, there is a Bonus mode that can be activated at certain stages. It could be using a magic carpet to fly in the air to collect valuable items such as blue and purple diamonds. Or control the monkey Abu to dodge obstacles, while picking up valuable items like jewelry or gold.

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