Battle B-Daman

Genre Role-Playing
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher P Studio
ReleasedJuly 25, 2006

Yamato Delgado is just an 11-year-old boy, but he especially loves D-baman. From an early age, he was inspired by his father to form his dream of becoming B-DaChampion. However, he discovered that the organization: the Shadow League is trying to use this sport to dominate the world in the upcoming Winners tournament at D-Baworld. Yamato joined with his friends, but the legendary Cobalt Blade was later destroyed by the betrayer Cain McDonnell. Despite the serious loss, thanks to the encouragement, he continued to fight again and rebuilt his robot with the new name: Cobalt Saber. It is considered a quality upgrade, when it converts from the power system to the Core System, allowing the core of body parts to be swapped. However, with the might of the shadow alliance, can Yamato and his D-Baman successfully prevent it?

If you’ve ever played BeyBlade before, you will feel, between the two games, there is a great similarity in terms of competition by robots and a bit of gameplay. But instead of complicated control techniques, “BATTLE B-DAMAN” focuses more on accuracy. In story mode, control the Yamato character to move around, interact with other characters to get information, quests, or challenges. When entering the battle, a battlefield appears on the screen with the opposite enemy is D-Baman. The player, at the first-person perspective, will move to the left or right to shoot energy bullets to lower his life force dropping to zero. If you win, the system will reward money, which you can later use in-store transactions, purchase equipment, and upgrade for your own D-Baman.

Although the control element is essential, because it can dodge attacks and deal damage to the enemies subtly, but if the robot is too weak, then it will not be able to hold on long enough to win. Therefore, focus on developing parts such as Head, Wing, Foot, Wrist, and Shoulder, replace them with better ones, instead of the default. Later, when Coban Saber appears, he possesses a combo of equipment: Saber Wing, Cobalt Foot, Gun Shield, Cobalt Shoulder, Saber Visor, and Saber Sight. If you look at it, the design might be quite impressive and stably, but it is not really like that because the enemy will be improved as more aggressively in the final stages of the Winner tournament. In addition, the game has many other modes such as Direct hit battle, Tag Team DHB, EZ sky jump, or EZ time attack for those who love the fast-paced experience.

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