Capcom Classics Mini Mix

Console GBA
Genre Arcade
Region US
Publisher Capcom
Released 2006

Bionic Commando, Mighty Final Fight, and Strider are three games integrated into the Capcom Classics Mini Mix cartridge. They are like three balls put together on a golf course, representing three independent experiences, all towards the common goal of entertaining the player. Correspondingly, there are three stories that you will be discovered.

The first is about the Bionic Commando, which tells of the war between the Union and the Empire in the 1980s. In it, there is an Albatros plan in development, to robotize the Nazi army and control it. This brings risks to the whole world. The Federation sent one of the best special forces, Super Joe, to stop the conspiracy, but it seemed to have failed. Hope eventually turned to Ladd Spencer. You will play this guy, to learn how to destroy Albatros, while rescuing a military colleague. With the idea of Side-scrolling, there is nothing new than moving from left to right of the screen to defeat the Nazis carrying guns. Weapons are quite fully equipped, with guns and a hook capable of helping characters climb the wall. At the end of the phase, when the tempo is getting harder, there will be other devices to support them and don’t forget to collect them.

Mighty Final Fight does not have a big event like its previous counterpart, but the scale is only shrunk in a city. The underground gang, Mad Gear Gang, formally took revenge on Haggar when he tried to stop the arms trade. As a result, her daughter Jessica was abducted. Cody received the news as soon as his girlfriend was kidnapped, so he invited fellow Guy to join the plan to eradicate the organization. Together they set out with the help of their future father-in-law. This integrated release is somewhat better, as the character is focused on development. They are level, skilled, and can be upgraded based on certain conditions. What excites me the most is the scene of the two characters using the unique abilities “Tornado Sweep,” and “Tornado Kick” whenever the power bar is fully charged.

And Strider revolves around Hiryu with the last mission is to rescue the kidnapped friend. But when he infiltrated the enemy’s base, he accidentally learned about a project to build a brainwashing device. Once it is completed, humanity will be repressed under the “The Syndicate” rule. Overview, gameplay follows the pattern of platformer role-playing games. Hiryu has energy bars, skills, and health. These three factors will continuously change, maybe the risk of making him die, but it can also be the leap to increase strength or new fighting techniques.

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