Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , US
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Released Unknown
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Casper was developed based on the film of the same name. Its story is simple and easy to grasp. The trio of evil ghosts has planned to turn the townspeople into zombies. Although it is unclear what the purpose of this work is, it will surely have an enormous consequence, even spreading to many other lands. Fortunately, after the initial plan was implemented, only a few children became victims. However, if the magic and healing of the children were not promptly prevented, the town would soon be covered with ghosts. Dr. Harvey, along with the kind-hearted ghost Casper, has teamed up to create an antidote. Of course, the evil trio will prevent and cause difficulties. And you need to be the one who solves these problems. The ultimate goal is to protect the young doctor, and not to let anyone die.

Specifically, the gameplay of this game accounts for most of the puzzle element. What does this mean? Is it about looking for secret ingredients and chests, searching for the key to opening the doors of the rooms in the castle? Yes, and many other things of similar nature. However, if you think about it a bit, you will realize some of the absurdities. The kind-hearted ghost, whose player will play the role, has the invisible ability to walk through walls and see-through obstacles, why does the above have to be done? I think there’s something the developer wants you to explore, so find your own answer.

In a few other levels, the puzzle element is replaced by action. When the bad guys are trying to stop the good people from doing the right thing, you need to appear to ruin these attacks. If the bullet kills Harvey, it is considered a failure and forces you to replay again.
The same goes for the kids. Once they were alienated, three ghosts would manipulate their minds. Either do bad things or kill yourself. At that time, it is necessary to apply special abilities and shapes at the bottom of the screen to prevent them. Occasionally, the difficulty will be raised abruptly when the system includes the time factor. Before the timer runs out, the player must accomplish the specified goal or try to preserve someone’s life. In this respect, I have no solution to provide, but one piece of advice is that you will find yourself collecting a lot of fun every time you solve a puzzle.

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