Classic NES Series: Metroid

Genre Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher Nintendo
ReleasedOctober 24, 2004

Scientists from Earth have sent into space a research vessel to search for new living creatures. On the planet SR388, Metroid was discovered to be one of the most distinctive floating creatures, as it has the ability to invade other living organisms and drain its energy. The space pirate organization soon learned of this research project and intended to steal it. But now it is no longer the intention because it has been done. Samus Aran is tasked with preventing this threat, before Metroid is cloned and destroys the life in the galaxy, including humans on the blue planet.

SR388 is a vast planet, which was chosen to build a Metroid research base. But it soon became a battlefield with the impact of the organization pirate space. Before they can find the Beta projector to bring destruction, Samus needs to stop and bring the samples back safely. The scenario is soon divided into small stages, requiring players to conquer them in turn to continue the process. Most of the missions or goals to fulfill are to defeat the enemy. The character is equipped with a shotgun by default, to be able to fight the enemies. But during the game, power-up items and some weapons with more significant damage can also be collected.

The map of the game is designed diverse, with many areas and secret departments. However, the paths connected between them are hidden, not as public as previous versions. Therefore, it will take a bit of effort to move back and forth to search. Sometimes, this annoyance also has some benefits, such as accidentally finding life-saving items or armor for Samus.
The process near the end of the plot is somewhat more complicated. Monsters tend to change colors and increase strength. Defeating them led to a confrontation with the two bosses, Kear and Ridley. And finally, also is the last boss, Brain, who is behind all of the trouble that you are trying to solve.

There are no puzzle elements, throughout the “Classic NES Series: Metroid,” there are battles only. Whether winning or not, it depends on the strength of the character, and the ability to control skillfully of the player. This is a pure action-adventure game that brings the excellent experience you are looking for.

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