Contra Advance – The Alien Wars Ex

Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Konami

From an early age, Bill was abandoned by his parents in the chaos. Luckily, he was adopted by the army captain and taught combat skills then. Growing up, he becomes an extremely brave and excellent soldier. Over the past several years, Bill has achieved great feats by constantly stopping the Red Falcon’s plan, as he was always trying to cause wars to dominate the whole world. In this comeback, he associates with aliens and decides to destroy the entire human civilization. Fortunately, the satellites have detected the instability when they continuously detect some spacecraft spying around. Bill is sent on duty to investigate as well as prevent the upcoming hazards.

The threats that the Red Falcon brings need to be addressed with violence. As usual, you will take the role of the brave soldier Bill to destroy all enemies right on their planet. There are six bases that need to be taken to complete a stage. In which, the boss will appear in the final, requiring players to destroy him to access to the next scene. This keeps happening until players reach the last control center of the aliens.

In the beginning, you are only offered a few lives and a pistol with an infinite number of bullets. However, it is quite weak and unsuitable for long-term combat, as the enemy will continuously replenish its forces and become overwhelming. Therefore, collect new weapons and rescue the hostages along the way for additional supports. It includes laser guns, rockets, flamethrowers, machine guns, and some other types of armor. Although the amount of damage, bullet speed, and range are much higher, the number of bullets is limited and needs to be picked up if you want to continue using, in contrast to the pistol. In case the gun runs out of ammo, or the character dies, their current weapon will disappear and be replaced with the previous one.

There are three level options at the beginning of the game: easy, medium, and hard. In particular, if you want to experience the fullest, then choose hard. It provides a full range of obstacles, bosses, and entire areas. While in the two remaining options, some maps and bosses are removed as well as the task becomes more manageable. Besides, you can start the two-player mode when connected to your friend. Lance will appear as a partner of Bill. With this feature, probably, you might feel that you can overcome challenges with hundreds of enemies more easily, don’t you?

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