Console GBA
Publisher TDK Mediactive
Genre Racing
Region US
Downloads 1
Released 2003
5/5 (1 vote)
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Chevrolet is a famous car model, produced from the middle of the 20th century. You can now have the opportunity to roll it across the United States through Corvette. This is a racing game known for giving players a good experience, with many features to explore. Probably, this will make anyone reading this article a little suspicious since it’s hard to believe the publisher can cram a lot of stuff into the finite memory of GBA. But that’s true, with four game modes: tournament, event, challenge, and time attack. Along with that is a range of classic models, from 1953, Corvette Stingray 1968, and more. There are not many maps. It includes only New York and California, but who knows how many tracks there are in these two cities. Mostly, everything is not available. The developer defaults to providing an old car to the player, from the moment they start joining. This motivates them to start the first race, to earn bonuses, and be eligible to unlock the new stronger engines. But, this is not easy, as each challenge is divided into three stages. First of all, you have to defeat an opponent on the road 100 miles away. After that, if you win the right to go forward, the competition level is raised with seven riders with the goal of finishing in the first three positions. And finally, a special event, involving parking at the required locations, or dodging obstacles for a limited time.

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