Genre Other
Region EU
Publisher NA: Majesco Entertainment/ EU: THQ
ReleasedNA: January 18, 2002
EU: February 15, 2002

Anyone who has ever played Doom or Wolfenstein 3D probably will reach the game “DARK ARENA” easily. It is simply an FPS game with a storyline that could not be more simpler. In terms of the depth aspect, I won’t mention, because it depends on the perception of each player. In a flowery description, the task to be achieved at each level is to destroy the plan to invade the Earth of alien mutants or sometimes robots. But in fact, problems will be solved if they are entirely eliminated, which is also the work that you about to do.
In the beginning, when starting the first war, you will realize that AI is really poor, as they often do things like suicide. When moving to a room, they often do not notice the presence of a threat in the back. Only when receiving a few bullets, they could really startle out of the dream. But obviously, this will not continue for long. For the next moment, the difficulty became quite steep and made the player feel harder to swallow than the releases of the same genre. However, don’t think that there is no solution. As long as a gun has enough firepower, combined with skillful movement to hide and attack, it is still possible to overcome without losing even a life.

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