Console GBA
Publisher Midway Games
Genre Other
Region US
Downloads 3
Released NA: November 3, 2002
EU: March 14, 2003
5/5 (1 vote)
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Converting video games to consoles is a great idea. But through the test of time, lasting from 1980 until now, only very few have been able to overcome. Defender is a rare game among them. It has a typical fiction plot, revolving around protecting the Earth from invasion from enemies in outer space. In the game, you will become a guard, participating in a series of dangerous combat missions. In some ways, it is like a platforming combined with the shooting. The idea is quite simple, just move to the end of each map, while destroying monsters and collecting necessary items. There are quite a few factors that will surprise the pilots. They can improve weapons for the ship in control, but sometimes, damaging the creatures does not cause them to die, but also creates new threats such as a machine of destruction, or the bomb explodes. All of this is not forewarned but is present on the small map at the top of the screen. Make sure you can capture what is happening in the level while improving control as the game’s speed is gradually increasing.

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