DemiKids – Dark Version

Genre Role-Playing
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Atlus

Akira, Jin, and Lena are close friends. Together they live and study on a planet called Rem. Once when they were together in the library, they found a mysterious book titled Akuma Compendium. Curiosity with ancient contents written in it. They found ways to decode but only get a single sentence. Unexpectedly, it was a spell that revealed the vision of the future world. A door of time opened, and what they saw was the destruction of the world, started by the evil Imperius. He lives in the land of Valhalla, inhabited by demons. The development rate there is so fast, but the area was extremely tight, so he intends to replace it with Rem. Jin, Akira, and Lena decide to keep the secret as well as privately go to Valhalla to stop the threat. But will they succeed when Imperius’ army is so crowded and aggressive?

DemiKids – Dark Version is an RPG game. Although it allows players to control the 3rd perspective, the fighting mechanism takes place in the first perspective. Overall, compared to the Light version, there is not much change in both gameplay and story, but the level of challenge is raised higher while the support items tend to decrease. In single-player mode, there are 20 discoverable locations, including detailed contents from the story provided by NPCs, or sometimes are bosses. If you defeat them, the system will reward credit or unlock new characters. Amy, Lucifer, Lena, Shin, Jin, Rand, Gale, or Akira are all playable, but only some are available from the beginning. All that I have just introduced above may have been a common motif of an RPG game, but the best feature is that players can collect and develop creatures from Valhalla, quite similar to Pokemon. However, the Pokeball does not exist, but only through negotiation to capture on the battlefield. They do not have a hierarchy, but evolved by a combination of two identical versions, to become stronger. Of course, when the developers build features, there is always a purpose. Characters are only really useful at the beginning of the game, but with mascots, they can become incredibly powerful and essential to conquer the difficulty in the final part when facing bosses, Imperius.

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