DemiKids Light Version

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    October 6, 2003

Many years ago, when the Imperious appeared with a plot to invade the whole world, the DemiKids lineage had planned to fight the evil. In it, Jin and Akira’s parents sacrificed their lives to seal the evil spirit and took it to another planet in the universe to ensure safety for the humankind. Not long after, Jin and Akira grew up and started going to high school. However, the Imperious found the planet Rem and tried to awaken the dark side of the two small DemiKids. Conflicts culminated when their close friend Lena was kidnapped and taken to another dimension. To restore peace to the planet, the two siblings must link to fight the demon lord and collect time chains to rescue their friend.

DemiKids was first introduced as characters capable of controlling and raising demons thanks to their half-evil spirits. This means that they will adventure on the vast lands of Rem, in search of warriors for themselves. Do you guys feel a bit familiar? Because it is quite similar to the story of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, which tells the story of Satoshi, who was building a dream of becoming a Pokemon master and having an adventure on the Kanto continent. Not only that, but the design characteristics also have similarities as the demons also have elemental classes such as fire, water, ice, light, or darkness. However, in terms of the combat mechanism, there are a few differences. Because with this game, you can bring up to three warriors into battlefields instead of only one.

So, how to get more power without throwing Pokeball? This is through a negotiation feature. You will meet and interact with your partner. Perhaps, he or she will join the team unconditionally, but there are also cases that require the new owner to pay or pose a threat with another stronger demon.

About upgrades, “DemiKids: Light Version” tend to have more supernatural elements. It is not entirely dependent on the level, but a new form is an incorporation, which means that the two weak can build one stronger. Of course, they can also gain experience points to level up and earn attribute points.
The game has 20 independent areas, mounted on the world map. You are free to explore because they are unlocked initially. However, along the way, there are hidden dangers that will pull you into a random fight. Typically, those opponents will be somewhat stronger, therefore, develop to a steady level to avoid injury as much as possible.

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