Digimon Racing

Digimon Racing
Console GBA
Publisher Bandai
Genre Racing
Region JP , US
Views 26
Downloads 3
Released JP: April 1, 2004
PAL: April 30, 2004
NA: September 13, 2004
5/5 (1 vote)
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In the digital world, a board of leaders is discussing the organizing of the racing championship. The ultimate goal of this is to harness all of Digitmon’s talents, as they can use their techniques to win the battles easily. Racing cars are elaborately designed. It not only consists of an engine as well as four wheels to move, but also equipped with weapons and jet engines. Therefore, controlling each of them is completely not an easy thing. After many days of waiting, the qualifying round finally took place and selected the most talented riders. But among them, who will the title of champion belongs to?

Although “Digimon Racing” offers a list of 11 playable riders, but only one of them is available right from the start for the player to begin the tournament. As introduced earlier, the ultimate goal is to become a champion. You need to participate in each small stage, defeat the enemy to gain the right to continue the process. The weaker ones will be eliminated, and only the strong will remain, which means that the difficulty will increase gradually. However, do not worry, because your control technology will be better and better over time. When the race begins, the car will automatically move and reach a steady speed. You will drive the vehicle on the track, pass the opponents to be the first one to reach the first place. Speed ​​is not the only factor to win, but it mostly depends on you. If you run into obstacles, which makes the car more sluggish and sluggish, you might be left behind quickly. Friction pits and road segments painted in red are the causes of this. Try to dodge them, or use the jump skill to pass. Besides the difficulties, there are also advantages that you should grasp. One of them is Turbo, which is by going on several roads that power the car. By moving into it, the gauges will continually be increased. Until fully charged, you can boost up until the indicator is run out. Besides, there are also a number of blue arrow icons, which allow instant acceleration in a short period of time. Three laps is a fairly long time. If unluckily meet the disadvantages, don’t give up. If you’re in the lead, then try to keep that steadiness.
In addition to the tournament mode, challenges with time can also be selected. For those who love speed and want to show their talents, it ideally is a chance in a million.

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