Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo
Console GBA
Publisher THQ
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU
Views 2
Released NA: 12 May 2003
EU: 26 September 2003
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Sony Computer Entertainment America has landed on the GBA platform. Their products are considered to be intended for children, as evidenced by Ghosts and Goblins. It has no elements of intellectual exploitation nor the plot that goes deep into the character’s interior. But it seems “Finding Nemo” has redefined some of these aspects. Its level designs are quite good and clever enough as well as very challenging, of those everyone needs in a Platforming. Completely built in the sea, you take on the role of a clownfish looking for the lost son Nemo. This journey extends throughout the world, with enormous dangers that are inevitable. Dory and Marlin are the only two characters that can be picked for playing. They have good abilities to cope with all the difficulties encountered along the way, which you can learn and master through the training phase at the start of this game.

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