Grand Theft Auto Advance

Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Advance is the 7th part in the Grand Theft Auto saga series released by Rockstar Games on GBA. The context of this game takes place in Liberty City, revolves around the character Mike – a criminal who is working for Vinnie. Previously, Mike was a homeless child, Vinnie adopted and gave him a good life, although he often had to do illegal work. As growing up, Mike realized that the nature of these jobs is not good at all, so he decided to leave Liberty with Vinnie to start a better life. However, they did not have much money, so they decided to meet the Mafia boss to make a final mission before giving up all. However, a problem occurred during work. Vinnie was murdered and the culprit took away all of the money from them, which they had accumulated for years. Too painful after the loss of his second father, Mike decided to stay in Liberty to find and avenge the murderer, and he also separated from the gang of Mafia to work individually.

In the crime city – Liberty, players will play the role of Mike and explore everything that is happening here. With free and open-world style, players can do anything, including quarrel with people, rob cars, the disorder in the area, or even racing right in the center of the city. Besides, players can also perform the tasks that the system provides such as playing according to the situations built beforehand to explore the unique evolution of the plot. Although I did introduce it above, it’s just a quick overview for you to realize where will you be and what you’re going to do there. Unique details and variations of the plot will be revealed through the quest system, as well as the information displayed on the screen. At Liberty, there are many gangsters and underground organizations run by tycoons: King Courtney and Yardie. Mike will have the opportunity to face them directly, he even will be hunted by assassins as well. Therefore, the players should equip guns to protect themselves or to fight against those criminals. Players could also find cars to flee. However, it is illegal to use guns and shoot each other in the city. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the black stars, they will turn into yellow every time Mike commits a crime and is also a crime measure. If the level is high, the police force and even the military will chase after you.

Compared to previous versions, or with Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance has some changes. First of all, is the mission system, When the player is completed, it will unlock the next storyboard, and benefit the character ( with cash, new equipment or weapons). With bad actions such as crashing or killing people, players will not receive the bonus automatically anymore, but they can still pick up the left money from those people. The Ammu-Nation feature is also added. It provides an arsenal, from which players can use the money to buy. In addition, several characters that had introduced in previous versions are also taken here, allows Mike to meet and interact. They are King Courtney, Yardie tycoon, leaders of Cartel Colombia: Cisco and Vannie.

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