Gunstar Super Heroes

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    US, JP
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The Golden Silver, also known as God of Ruin, is the threat of Planet 9. For years, he has taken many lives and destroyed plenty of peaceful countrysides. Gunstar’s ancestor “Dynasty” was promptly stopped it from the risk of being disappeared forever. He used four Mystical stones to imprison the souls of the destroyer as well as to keep the citizens peaceful. It seems like everything has ended completely, but in these lately years, the G9 is once again in danger of extinction. Colonel Red – a dictator, appeared and took four Mystical stones to revive the Golden Silver. Green accidentally became involved in this incident, because she was hypnotized and obeyed the bad guys’ requests. Will Red, the last hope, be able to save his sister and end the recurring troubles?

Red is the first playable character. He owns a special machine gun that can shoot out Plasma energy beams that extend to the end of the screen. Meanwhile, his sister Green possesses the ability to fire an electric stream, able to focus on a specific point to deal massive damage. Although the sphere of influence is small, it’s still much stronger than Red. However, Green can only be picked after being rescued.
As for the plot, each character selection brings up a series of different stories. But overall, it is summarized in six chapters, with many different areas to explore. In any stage or context, the game requires you to accomplish some necessary goals to continue. It could be defeating enemies, finding a way out, or rescuing endangered creatures. But whatever it is, monsters and robots will always appear and stand in your way, so defeat them will be the key leads to victory.

With the weapons provided from initial, use them to shoot at enemies to drain the life meter. They will die, giving experience, bonuses, and sometimes items to help characters recover. But sometimes it is not easy to overcome. The game has a Boss, so of course, the level of difficulty and challenges will increase gradually through times. You can gain a bit of experience to dodge attacks after a few failures.