King Kong

King Kong
Console GBA
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Action
Region EU
Views 3
Released Unknown
4/5 (3 votes)
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According to the official movie, “King Kong” has three main characters, but the only girl in the explorer group has been kidnapped. You will accompany the two boys, to search and bring her back home safely. The first setting takes place on a deserted island, along with the dense forest. Surely, there will be many dangers from those predators, as well as traps and obstacles in the way. The two boys are initially equipped with a number of skills to cope with these difficulties, as the first guy could use weapons to fight the enemies, while the other guy is strong enough to move big objects. However, this game does not have only a unique action element, but more prominent is the adventure one. That means you will be able to explore many places and be forced to apply personal experiences to continue this journey. For example, it is about collecting pieces of wood to create a boat or taking pine branches to make spears. The ability to customize is quite high and reasonable. You need to switch between them on a regular basis if you want to win the final.

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