Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU
Publisher Lego Software
ReleasedNA: October 3, 2001
EU: October 26, 2001

Mark the landing on GBA, Lego brings gamers a legendary story as hordes of monsters are rampant around the world to bring misery to life. It was Bohrok, who made the six heroes of Matoran lose a period of time engulfed in painful battles. You will accompany them in this war, ending once and for all. With the idea of ​​an action-adventure genre, you will take the role of one from the powerful robots: Tahu, Kopaka, Pohatu, Onua, Lewa, and Gali Nuva to begin the journey to protect the Bionicle universe. Each level contains many climaxes to explore, sometimes bringing rewards such as equipment and currency. But in return, you are forced to defeat all the bad guys lurking to make this world worse.
However, this is not really worrying if the players’ controls are good enough. If you know how to exploit special abilities from the iron warriors, then you can still overcome easily, even boss battles.

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