Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Team Protoman

Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Publisher Capcom
ReleasedDecember 9, 2004

Yuichiro – Lan Hikari’s father is researching a science project for SciLab. But unfortunately, it was stolen, and even the PET program is no longer available. After preliminary investigations, all evidence was directed to Dr. Regal and the Nebula organized by him. Yuichiro said that once the project’s code is broken, bad guys will be able to take advantage of the Dark Chips to gain control of computer systems around the world. If this worry becomes a reality, it will cause chaos and possibly the war between nations. Lan, with the help of her father, is planning to stop the threat.

The core view of the Mega Man Battle Network series remains the same throughout the past four versions, and the 5th version is not an exception. Transparently, the real world and the cyber world exist in parallel and have a profound effect on each other. Lan will team up with his Mega Man teammate to stop the Viruses from trying to destroy scientific data that humans have spent a lot of effort on researching. In the previous Mega Man World series, you may have known the cannon gun installed on Mega: Shot Buster, but actually in this game, it is quite weaker. Lan will provide the chips as a weapon of destruction so that the hero is more capable. Of course, there will also be some types that offer defense or speed.

Gameplay, it is rated as relatively simple to grasp. You will move through space to search for Viruses. If caught, it will lead to a fight on a particular scene. It is like a grid in strategy games, but the turn element is removed. Characters can freely move and attack enemies in real-time. Until either of the forces is utterly annihilated, the war will end. Maybe, many people will wonder, Virus will continuously grow and can’t be eliminated forever, so this game can’t finish? But this probably is untrue. The theme that the fourth installment exploits are the Protoman army. Once the core bosses and the Protoman are destroyed, the plot will be completed, and we don’t need to care about the issues afterward because it can also be a junction for the bear of the 6th version.

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