Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar

Console GBA
Genre Role-Playing , Strategy
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Capcom
Released JP: November 23, 2005
NA: June 13, 2006
EU: June 16, 2006

The sixth part of the Series Battle Network began when Lan and his family were moving to Cyber ​​City to start a new life. Since the troubles at BN5, as well as the danger from the Dark Chips, are no longer exist, he wants to have a peaceful life, just simply going to school with his friends. However, WWW broke his plans, as they gradually returned with a worse plot. In the virtual world of cyberspace, MegaMan.EXE has found two dangers about Gregar Cybeasts Falzar. After investigating efforts, he discovered that the leader of the criminal organization of the third world is Wily, did created them, and put in 2 Copybots (ROBOT in real life) for the purpose of destroying the cyberspace as well as the human world. Perhaps, this will be the most brutal battle ever, and it ultimately determines the existence of Wily’s criminal organization – WWW, or the human world.

The two main characters in the game have unique missions. As Lan lives in the real world, he moves to areas to collect information, and control computer programs. Meanwhile, MegaMan.EXE lives in a virtual world so that he can travel to search for evil Navi, Viruses, and threats to fulfill the missions of fighting against them. Despite living in two independent, parallel worlds, there are also connections between them, when changes in the real world will make the environment in which NaviNet is affected. In particular, it is about the data Chips.

In the final version of the Series, there are many changes in the fighting mechanism, compared to the old ones. The battle still takes place on a grid of 18 cells and is divided into two halves with one side of the enemy and one side of the player. During the game, there will be the appearance of the bricks, acting like obstacles that cause some attacks to be disabled. This provides a refuge in case of unfortunate events happen. Another factor is also added, which is about the ability to expand an individual’s battlefield, and destroy the grid cells. This means that the character’s movement range can be expanded, and of course, they can also be narrowed until it is unable to move. In addition, the mode of operation of the Chips has been improved, and the “Beast Out” system has been added. It appears when MegaMan.EXE defeats a Cybeast and lasts for three consecutive turns. It can both increase the fighting ability of the character, and the damage by 30 points for any Chips activates during that time. Besides, another status that can also be activated is “Beast Over.” It puts the warrior into an immortal state but does not allow the player to control. Every action will be organized automatically, so think carefully before activating it.

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