Naruto: Ninja Council 2

Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher D3 Publisher

Continuing from the previous version, Naruto Ninja Council 2 was released, following the unfinished journey of Naruto characters. At Ninja Academy, the Chunin exam is going on and every student in the academy is trying to pass. But unfortunately, Orochimaru – a villain – is trying to destroy this contest. He set traps to kidnap students and turn them into his slaves. Faced with this situation, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura teamed up to stop his evil plan.

Naruto Ninja Council 2 is divided into 3 main stages for players to explore. Locations are placed in different areas of Konoha, and in turn, players will search for enemies everywhere to destroy them, opening up many different scenarios. Basically, the gameplay is quite simple, while the battles in this game only consist of fighting scenes against enemies, sometimes against bosses. Although there are also conversation scenes with NPCs to collect information or tasks, they are quite simple and even somewhat repetitive. To ease the boredom, the developer allows switching between characters: Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to play the role. This is completely new, and also is the drawback of its predecessors, when it is limited to only playing Naruto character. It can be seen that the movement style, as well as the appearance of the three characters, are quite similar, but they are completely different in combat ability and skills.

Naruto is a strong character with high attack power and great energy but he is limited in speed. He has two outstanding techniques: Chidori and Lion Barrage. Both of them consume quite a large amount of mana points, so Naruto is probably considered the weakest character in this game. However, this is really true when Sakura has an advantage when using Ninja Tools: Shuriken and Kunai. She can inflict an enormous amount of damage to enemies, with almost perfect accuracy. Consequently, normal monsters or villains will be destroyed in a single shot. Meanwhile, Sasuke is the saturation of these two characters and is said to be the most stable. He can use Jutsu to create solid Uzumaki Barrage and slow down enemies with his Sharingan, while Naruto seems to have a hard time applying it in battle because the timing for his ability to be recovered is quite long.

In general, Naruto Ninja Council 2 has a fairly simple gameplay mechanism, but it focuses on the fight scenes rather than exploring, compared to the previous versions. This is clearly shown when players can simultaneously play the role of three characters. Each of them has the ability to use various jutsu, along with other special techniques. It also has a breakthrough that increases the running speed of the characters by 3 times, and the level of destruction is heavier.

In addition, the graphics are improved when the characters are designed elaborately. The colors are also customized and become brighter. One drawback, however, is that the game has quite a few iconic characters, especially monsters and bosses. There are only a few unique patterns, and it is somewhat repetitive so the player will see them at different stages.

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