Naruto Saikyou Ninja Daikessyu 2 Eurasia

Naruto Saikyou Ninja Daikessyu 2 Eurasia
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Action , Beat 'em up
Region JP
Views 11
Released Unknown
4.5/5 (4 votes)
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Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are the three best students at Konoha Ninja Academy. They graduated early with each an excellent degree. Therefore, the headman decided to hold a separate Chunin exam, like the first lesson for each person. However, the magic scrolls were stolen by Orochimaru, making it impossible for them to open the contest. Worse, an army of monsters was brought around the village, putting the lives of the people here in danger. There is no other way, but the Ninja must search for threats and defeat those bad guys before they make an adventure to the vast world.

There are four playable characters, including the three excellent Ninja characters I introduced earlier and Kakashi Sensei, who will be unlocked in later processes. Basically, the RPGs on the 2D platform have become famous for a long time, so it won’t be hard for you to grasp. The first thing you need to do is to choose two members. During the battle, they both can be switched whenever you like. The ultimate goal of this game is to defeat the evil Orochimaru and get back the magic scrolls. However, before reaching this, it is necessary to collect leaf symbols for the village. They will be scattered in levels, you just need to move from left to right of the map to pick them up, but don’t forget to defeat the enemies. Mostly, they are the evil Ninja, and of course, also some monsters. All are quite easy to overcome without losing more than half of the life gauge. But when it comes to the bosses, the difficulty will tend to increase a little bit. Why? Think of it as the knot of the stage to be untied, and in fact, the purpose is so. If you fail, then you don’t deserve to participate in the Chunin term.

Each character has its own strengths to utilize. Naruto is strong with ninjutsu. He has a powerful technique, which is “Sexy No Jutsu.” You will see on the screen a series of girls performing Bikini, but actually, they are all Naruto clones. They immediately damage the enemy as soon as that person is seduced. Meanwhile, Sakura stands out for her ability to use weapons. She attacks very quickly and accurately at her opponent’s weaknesses, which will cause death quickly. About Sasuke, he is like a neutral element, stands between the power and speed of two teammates. For newbies, this is an easy to master character due to his balance.

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