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Pokemon Dimension Legends (Pokemon FireRed Hack) is a remake of the original Pokemon FireRed game created by a ROM hacker nicknamed Crimson Stardust. The plot of the game is also completely new, participating in the game you will play Ace, a guy who always helps others when they are in trouble. Listening to his late grandmother, Ace returned to visit his home town in the Sterra area, where Ace was troubled and caught up in a fight with an organization called Black Rose.


– The Pokemons are vastly from different regions.
– All the gyms will be different from each other. The Pokemon Types, New Tile for every Gym, etc.
– New Routes
– New places to explore
– New music for all place
– New Evil organization
– New Sprites
– I am planning a different kind of Pokemon league contest. I want to follow the ones in the Pokemon series wherein there will be group stages where the hero/heroine will battle all of the famous trainers from the different region until He / She reaches the final stage and win to qualify for an elite 4 battle.
– New Battle Backgrounds

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