Pokemon Johto League

Pokemon Johto League
Console GBA
Publisher Nitendo
Genre Puzzle
Region WW
Views 1,081
Downloads 277
Released Unknown
4.2/5 (34 votes)
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Based on the original Pokemon FireRed version, a hacker ROM nicknamed Astraea created an extremely unique remake called Pokemon Johto League. The plot of the game takes the theme of the famous anime, the game takes place at the end of the cartoon when Ash Ketchum leaves the Orange Islands and returns to Johto. As Ash, you will encounter many interesting Pokemon and can train them to prepare for the upcoming challenges.


– New Geographical changes in Routes and there are some hidden cities too.
– New Tiles
– New Sprites
– You can play with other line-ups too, other than Ash’s.
– Team Rocket is stronger now.
– Day and Night System
– New Title Screen
– New Maps.

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