Pokemon Lunar

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Pokemon Lunar (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is a remake of the original Pokemon Fire Red game and was created by a ROM hacker nicknamed Kostas. The story begins when the main character visits his mother with ancient ruins, but unfortunately, an incident happened that his mother went missing. After being brought to safety by Professor Alan and explaining that the main character has a certain connection that makes the ruins here react to his appearance and finding his mother seems impossible. Two years later, when he became a Pokemon trainer, the protagonist began his journey to discover past mysteries and hopes to find his mother.


– A whole new region to explore:
– Tagral region is known for the various climates. You can see climates from tropical to snowy!
– New mechanics, Physical / Special split:
– Fairy type is in! You gain Exp points when you catch Pokémon and also the B / W repel system!
– Hidden grotto makes its appearance too!
– Is this a narrow path? Let’s follow it.
– New Pokémon:
– Because of the various climates, you will encounter many Pokémon from many other regions. And because of this, you will get a new regional Pokédex!
– Meet many famous people from other regions!
– One of them is Riley and Cynthia!
– Mega evolution:
– You can use Mega Evolution in Tagral thanks to Professor Alan’s research!