Pokemon The Tree of Time

Console GBA
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Nintendo
Released Unknown

Pokemon The Tree of Time (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is a remake of the original Pokemon Fire Red game created by a hacker nicknamed Munichtastics. The game has a completely different story from the original version, the story begins when the player wakes up and finds himself in a strange world, where you will have to help people find the cause after the actions. The strangeness of Gym Leaders and even the local Pokemon. With a system of main missions and diverse side quests promising to give players a very new experience.


– The hack will be based on the ROM of FireRed
– BW repel system
– Colored EV stats + grades (A + etc.)
– Exp when catching pokemon.
– Fairy type.
– A lot of rivals from the anime like May / Ash / Trevor / Paul / Gary and more …
– GEN 1-7 Pokemon with GEN 7 starters
– Every sprite which I use will be updated to DS style
– Every moves/power will be updated to GEN 7
– Shadow Pokemon (not sure about it yet, (there will be special strange pokemon that the bad guys use)
– Legendaries through quests (every one of them will be available
– Updated Overworlds
– Main quest and side quests
– Hidden places where special pokemon are located … (more info soon)

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