Pokemon Twilight

Genre Platformer
Region WW
Publisher Nintendo

Pokemon Twilight (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is a version made by a talented ROM hacker with the nickname vxo. Inspired by the Pokemon Fire Red game on the GBA system, but the story of the game has been changed promising to bring a whole new experience for players. The story begins when the player begins to be old enough to own a Pokemon and become a true trainer, but on the day of visiting Professor’s Lab to choose a Pokemon to start, the player late again. When Professor arrived, he said that there were no more Pokemon for the player, but he still gave the player a wild Dratini that had just been found and the adventure started here.


– Decapitalization (about 70%)
– Custom Region – Saelio!
– Fire Red Tileset
– Evil Team: Team Inferno
– Multi-typed Gyms
– Modified Pokemon Typing
– Gastly, Haunter & Gengar are now pure Ghosts
– Gyrados is now Water & Dragon instead of Water & Flying
– Pidey and Spearow evolution lines are pure Flying types
-Cubone & Marowak are now Ground & Dark type
– Raticate is now Normal & Dark type
– Tentacool is now pure Water-type
– Geodude is pure Rock-type
– Feraligatr is Water & Dark type
– Sudowoodo is now Rock & Grass-type
– All ” Trade Only ”Pokemon now are able to evolve via leveling up
– Umbreon & Espeon are evolved w / Moon & Sun Stones respectively
– Currently looking to adding a Physical / Special Split
– Reusable TMs
– (Coming soon) BW Repel System

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