Spider-Man 3: The Game

Genre Action
Region US
Publisher Activision Blizzard

After the death of Norman Osborn, Peter seemed like his life was peaceful again with his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. But things will not just simple like that. Harry Osborn inadvertently found his father’s Green Goblin research and learned that Spider-Man had caused his death. This created resentment in his heart to rise. At the same time, a prisoner named Flint Marko escaped from jail and accidentally fell into a particle accelerator that he turned into a sandman. Later, Harry and Flint cooperate, as both have the same purpose of revenging Spider-Man. They cause disasters in the whole city, when trying to set bombs and kidnap innocent people to provoke enemies to appear. While trying to combat the bad guys, Peter realized that the aura in his body had been changed, which made his suit turn into black.

SPIDER-MAN 3 is in the action genre, so most of its gameplay will revolve around battling enemies, completing quests to unlock later levels. At each level, players need to complete a number of tasks, including removing bombs placed in the building, finding keys, rescuing captured hostages, or unlocking water fountains to extinguish the flame. It takes place on a large map and only gives a short time for players to search and solve problems. Not only that, threats will often appear and prevent you from fulfilling your missions. These include the bad guys and the traps. Use Spider-Man’s abilities to overcome, climb to ceilings, cling to wall surfaces, climb on water pipes, use spider silk to fly into the air, and attack as needed. At certain stages, players will face bosses to unlock the next level.

They are the villains, who have appeared in the film of the same name: Apocalypse Gang, Kraven The Hunter, The Lizard, Rhino, Sandman, Venom, Mad Bomber, or Green Goblin. They are strong and seem to be quite challenging to overcome without an improvement in strength or fighting skills. Luckily, the developer has integrated many features, allowing spiders to learn new skills from defeating bosses, and turning costumes into black when the wrathful watch is loaded. So, where did the wrath come from? It comes from defeating the bad guys that appear along the way or collecting some black spider icons. As the costume evolved, the attack power and movement speed increased significantly and even broke some obstacles that the red suit could not.

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