Spider-Man – The Movie

Spider-Man – The Movie
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 40
Downloads 18
Released Unknown
4.3/5 (3 votes)
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SPIDER-MAN – THE MOVIE builds a storyline based on the basic elements of the film of the same title, revolving around the protagonist, Peter Parker. During a break into the lab, he was bitten by a genetically engineered spider created by the scientist Oscarorp and gained special abilities. But after Uncle Ben is killed, he is motivated to become Spider-Man and is determined to protect New York from evils. In particular, the Skull gang is the first target he aims to, but this has brought a special concern of Norman Osborn, about the type of serum flowing in him. He created the robots to capture Spider-Man, serving the purpose of building the Super Soldier army. But the plan failed, resulting in the expulsion from Oscarorp Corporation and the appearance of two genetically modified characters, Vulture and Shocker. Shortly thereafter, with anger and hatred, Norman created a special suit to become the Green Goblin. So a new threat has emerged in New York City.

The battles in SPIDER MAN – THE MOVIE mostly take place inside and outside of buildings in New York City. Meanwhile, evil forces are raging. They cause trouble, and you need to prevent it from happening. With a side-scrolling game, all you need to do is control Spider Man, move everywhere in the map to defeat the thugs, while stopping fires, neutralizing bombs, or collect the required items. With the abilities of a mutant, Spider – Man can move on the walls, shoot out silk threads to fly or cause enemies to injure. He can also jump and create combined attacks with his legs and arms. In a specific time, bosses will appear. The ultimate goal to achieve is to defeat them so as to unlock a new stage. In particular, there will be the presence of Burglar, Shocker, Vulture, Kraven The Hunter, Green Goblin, and four different versions of OSCORP. This is really a big problem if you lack the ability to control flexible movement to dodge, or not be able to collect power-up items. Each level is usually quite long, about 10 minutes. A large map, with lots of dangers, will make the character’s health decline. Therefore, search and collect support items before the death is near.

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