Super Dropzone

Genre Arcade
Region US , EU
Publisher UTV Ignition Entertainment

In a further future, the Earth is one of the potential planets that is predicted to have the last living creatures. Because of that, aliens have been all about planning to invade this place. The leaders soon discovered an army was approaching, so assigned the task to Super to prevent, and take him out into space to avoid causing undue losses. The entire plot is spread across four surfaces of the planets Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and finally, Jupiter. As I experienced, each place had ten waves of enemy attacks. They kept growing and rushing soon after. Although the game’s play rate at the beginning is quite suitable for any newbie, if they can not grasp the increasing speed, the Replay only makes Super to be killed once more, not to mention the end of every planet has a protective boss. He is alone, but in return, he owns a big body and possesses extremely dangerous weapons. However, developers still have a bit of conscience when leaving players a way to live. From time to time, they will distribute power-up items and some weapons of great destruction. Although there is no infinite amount of ammunition like the gun installed by default in flying equipment, it is enough to wipe out the map quickly.

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