Super Ghouls’ n Ghosts

Genre Other
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Nintendo
ReleasedJP: July 19, 2002
NA: September 23, 2002
EU: September 27, 2002

After the plan to invade the world failed, Lucifer was taken by his hero Arthur to bring back the peace that had been taken for so long. However, the villain’s warning that he will revive for revenge, still lingering here, makes Arthur feel uneasy. He decided to leave Princess Prin to find a weapon strong enough to protect her and the innocent people. Four years later, the hero received the news that the demons kidnaped the girl he deeply loved. Doubting Lucifer’s return, he rushed back and learned that it was Emperor Sardius. He is building an army of demons to rule the world.

Arthur is one of the most powerful warriors, but it is lame to compare to the evil army of Sardius. Thanks to the armor and the golden lance provided by the system, everything still has a chance to change. This is a long journey with many difficulties. The hero will have to overcome many levels and fight all enemies to rescue his bride. The process in story mode is not much new but is quite similar to other games. It involves defeating the demons, and will eventually lead to the fateful encounter with the evil Emperor. Two outcomes can take place, either a happy ending or the death of the world. Of course, this is up to you. I will also give you some helpful advice.

As I mentioned earlier, Arthur is equipped with armor, and this is the key to solving any problems. It can be upgraded up to 3 times, with outstanding developments. Level one will make it a bronze armor, better defense than before. On the second level, there is an additional golden shield and the ability to use magic attacks. At level three, Mana charges faster, while improving the durability of the protection and weapons he uses. Based on this, you surely know how effective and essential it is, but to be upgraded, you must have specific items and achievements. Moreover, this key will also affect the second mode, giving you access to one of three worlds, corresponding to the upgraded level. It has many new and challenging experiences to explore. But make sure you are brave enough and persevering to overcome all of it.

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