Teen Titans 2 – The Brotherhood’s Revenge

Genre Role-Playing
Region US , EU
Publisher Unknown

HIVE is a space crime organization. They are very dangerous and so sophisticated that the law still has not been able to arrest them yet. After a long silence, HIVE returned and looked for the strongest warriors. They create wars and realize that the Titan people are one of the worthy opponents, and they will never submit until they are all completely destructed. Shortly after that, a plan to attack the outer space prison took place. Detained villains will be set free on one condition: destroy the Titans as well as their entire planet. Beast Boy and Cyborg have realized this plan, but it seems like they could do nothing more than summon all of the heroes to prepare for an impending great war.

Teen Titans 2 – The Brotherhood’s Revenge designs a relatively large level system. Players will take the role of a hero, starting from level one until destroying all bosses and troops appearing along the way, to prevent the disaster from falling on the planet of the Titans. In general, the gameplay is quite simple. The soldiers are not really a threat, because most of them create attacks “very sparing”, and appear in a “dripping” way. What’s really should be afraid of here is the map design, pitfalls, and bosses. Although the characters have improved their life-force systems, they will also disappear quickly when they fall into a bottomless pit, petrol bombs, or explosive bombs floating in the air. Monsieur Mallah, General Immortus, and Brain are the bosses that players need to face. Although the number is only 3, they will appear in many stages, and of course, will become stronger in each comeback.

Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Robin are playable characters. They have unique abilities and will work best in certain cases. In particular, Raven is known as one of the most prominent warriors in the group. She possesses excellent mobility and can teleport instantly, which means that it is not difficult to run away from the enemy or to avoid attacks. Robin possesses a magical cloak, allows him to hide and move in space. Meanwhile, Beast Boy can transform into a monkey to climb on surfaces, or a large and aggressive ape to attack the enemy.

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