The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Genre Role-Playing
Region US , EU
Publisher Electronic Arts Inc.

The plot of this third part revolves around the character of Berethor, a warrior of the Ancient City of Gondor. He had overcome many difficulties in reaching the Rivendell region, with the primary purpose of finding the 9th member of the Boromir Ring Association. Along the way, a group of enemies from Ringwraith tried to assassinate him, but fortunately, he was rescued by the character Idrial. After that, they went together and met the dwarf named Hadhod, of the Gimli race. He said that Boromir was dead, and Middle-earth was in danger. It comes from an evil goblin along with General Dunedain and his army. More than half of it has been conquered and destroyed, and before it spreads out, all the heroes need to stop and banish evil from Middle-earth.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive the help of warlock Gandalf. He will provide information on many aspects, about the bad things going on as well as the factions planning to cause war and even the mood of his comrades. In general, he is like a counselor with a significant role. Sometimes, extended written information can make you feel a little annoying, but try to read it carefully because that’s the secret to winning.

Evolutions of The Third Age are designed through a system of tasks. It will navigate you to many different lands, with entirely new experiences. By completing it or defeating any enemy, the system will randomly reward materials for making equipment as well as experience for the character. When the level is developed to a particular stage, he can learn new skills to improve his fighting ability. As mentioned above, the equipment system is also integrated. Please use the corresponding pieces to build armor or weapons. They contribute to increased strength and defense in battles. Although the turn-based tactical mechanism is highly enhanced, it would still have an advantage when the character owns the power. Compared to versions one and two, the currency and store feature has been removed.

In terms of map design, this is really the highlight of The Lord of The Rings in all three releases. Everything is vividly reproduced, and there are spectacular video scenes. It covers villages, mountains, and caves. In turn, they will be unlocked when most quests and enemies are eliminated.

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