The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Genre Arcade
Region US , EU
Publisher THQ Inc.

Since King Neptune is bald, he is very concerned about his crown because it can hide the head of a little hair so that the residents cannot see it. But unfortunately, someone stole it while he was sleeping, so he became extremely angry. SpongeBob and Patrick were tasked with investigating, and regaining the crown before things got worse. After a while, they found out that the thief was Plankton. He sold it to criminals in Shell City. However, the journey to this city contains many dangers as they have to overcome the land containing monsters, including the giant Cyclops. However, if they were unable to retrieve Neptune’s treasure, Mr. Krabs would be blamed and punished for death.

SpongeBob has four special attack techniques, which include Karate Spin, also known as a rotation attack. In the beginning, he uses cloth gloves, but it could be upgraded to metal to block bullets. Bash, Sonic Wave Guitar, and SpongeBowl are the other three skills, which can also be upgraded to deal greater damage. Patrick proved to be no less competitive with Smash, Throw, Cartwheel, and Starfish Spin. In terms of damage level and range, Smash becomes more prominent when he can pick up items such as wooden crates or stones to throw at enemies. However, the actions introduced above, are not only used in the story battles but are also deeply exploited in Minigames: SpongeBall Challenge, Sonic Wave Guitar Challenge, Bungee Challenge, Floating Block Challenge, or Combat Arena Challenge.

Regarding gameplay, you will have to perform 18 different missions to complete the story. It takes place on many different maps and requires the achievement of a number of different goals. Mostly, it is related to defeating enemies like Flingers, Spinners, Slammers, Foggers, Jellyfish, and so on. However, the following four bosses are obviously considered as the worry: Buckethead King Neptune, Deformed Dennis, Dennis, and Frog Fish. They rule four regions on the road to Shell City. If players couldn’t overcome, then the two heroes will forever be held back and unable to regain the precious crown. Over time, develop your combat techniques and collect some special support items that appear along the way to gain extra advantages. It can help the two main characters increase strength and recover the amount of energy loss.

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