Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Card , Strategy
Region EU
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Released Unknown
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In the past, Ryuji Otogi’s father had lost in the shadow tournament. As a sequence, he wanted him to take revenge on Yugi Mutou as well as his grandchildren. For that reason, Otogi teamed up with Pegasus to create Dungeon Dice Monsters in order to challenge his enemies. They used the Millennium Eye to eavesdrop on opponents’ thoughts and tactics, but once again took defeat.

The game retains the turn-based strategy game like the earlier versions in the same series. The battle is organized on a grid of 13 x 19 squares, in which two players stand at both sides of the field, and are provided with dice. Dice rolling at each turn will decide to perform different actions, including summoning monsters, moving, using items or creating an attack, and even increasing defense points. However, roads are not available but need to be built. Each successful summon of a warrior, the system will issue a number of bricks. Of course, it can be distributed at your disposal, but think carefully because it will affect the tactics later. “YU-GI-OH! – DUNGEON DICE MONSTERS” removed the LP element and replaced it with Die Master, meant as a leader/a headquarter to command the army. To win, just aim this target to destroy. About Monsters, they own three indicators: attack, defense, and health. They have the ability to attack, move, use traps, magic, or create special effects. If their amount of health decreased to less than 10, they would be removed from the battlefield.
Besides the class element, a new design has been introduced that is level, ranging from 1 to 4. Of course, the higher the levels are, the stronger they will be. Moreover, the effects they bring will be much clearer in the final stages of the battles. You will not be able to control this but rely on your luck to roll the dice. If it hits “Monster,” then most of the levels are only 1, 2, or 3, because 4 is very rare.

The game has over 20 tournaments, with levels ranging from easy to moderate and difficult. The Lunch Selects Cup is unlocked at first and can be passed quickly. While other tournaments like Yami Yugi’s challenge, The Last Judgment, Coliseum of the Dead, Sacrificial Guillotine, Dark Ceremony, or Corridor of the Dead are much more difficult. Most of the opponents have a lot of experience in organizing the tactics and anticipating the opponent’s actions. Therefore, defeating them is not an easy thing.

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