Zoids Legacy

Zoids Legacy
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Role-Playing
Region US
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Released Unknown
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ZOIDS LEGACY started in a world called Zi, with a sudden change in the energy of electromagnetic waves. This has created some serious consequences, causing the timelines to turn upside down and most previous events to occur again. In it, there is the return of the Emperor, who had the crazy idea of ​​a device that could fast forward and reverse time. Zeru is a victim who has been taken to an unfamiliar world and lost all of his memories. But after meeting a girl named Juno, he learned the reason why he was here. In an effort to find the cause, he discovers that the people behind him are an alliance organization between Terra Geist and Backdraft. They create a transmission device and stimulate electromagnetic energy, then store it in outer space. However, the power supply is still somewhere in Zi. If it was possible to defeat this organization and disconnect its power, then everything would be restored to its proper position.

Zi is a world of robotic creatures called Zoids. After a few introductory scenes, the player will control Zeru, then follow the instructions to go to Dr. T and get the first warrior. Some written instructions indicate that the only way to return to the real-time Zeru is living is to collect more Zoids, win the tournaments organized by the Terra Geist and Backdraft organizations. This is reminiscent of the scene where Ash was talking to Professor Oak, before making the journey to become a master of training mascot in the Kanto continent in the Pokemon series. However, there is a difference that players can not capture or rob the Robot, which can only collect parts for assembling only. During the battle, the defeated ones will be damaged and drop pieces, which means the player can pick it up, or receive from the NPC each time completing the task. Although there is no level system, warriors can also be upgraded to become more flexible and have a stronger fighting power.

Regarding battles, it goes in turns. Some of the techniques that can be used are weapons that have already assembled on the body. Examples include a machine gun, laser gun, Plasma, or even rocket. Of course, each has a different effect on physical damage, speed, and luck (Crit). Although these elements are quite similar to shooting games, things will not be really like that. Zoids are designed in a variety of sizes and types. These factors affect the maximum of many weapons that can carry up, or what kind of armor can be wear, as well as decide the advantage in fighting strength, health, or defense. The developer is talented in organizing turn-based battles and brought tactical elements to ZOIDS LEGACY.

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