Zoids Saga

Zoids Saga
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Other
Region US
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Released Unknown
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Zoids Saga revolves around the protagonist Atory, prince of the Arcadia kingdom. He was a kind-hearted person so that he was handed down the throne by the king, with a strong belief in the eternal peace of the entire kingdom. Empero is the one with a wicked ambition. He has always desired to destroy the nation to hold control of the entire Zi planet. After years of research, a device capable of time travel was built. He used this to construct a Zoid army to carry out the previous plan. Atory realizes this too late, and he understands that the only way to defeat his enemies is to travel through time, collect equipment to build the most powerful warrior. Perhaps this solution could eliminate the threats that are threatening the lives of all humanity.

The developer builds the contents of this game focus on fighting gameplay. Mostly, quests or information gained from other characters all lead to battles. To be able to win, the two elements that you need to accomplish are strength and tactics. Because “Zoids Saga” is designed in turn-based style, the strategy is obvious.

Before starting a battle, a series of information about the opponent will be provided in the script. Therefore, think about the movements that should be performed in each battle, as well as the effects it brings based on its indicators. As for the power factor, it depends on the design of Zoid. Although initially, the system gives you a default warrior, it still can be customized, upgraded, or replaced in the future. Parts such as legs, arms, and weapons can be collected from the ruins of battles or rewarded by NPCs for each completed mission. Depending on the size of the body and its quality, they can carry a number of different weapons. It could be 1, 2,3, or even more. Machine guns, rockets, flamethrowers are the most common, of course, the effect they bring is unique. Some have high levels of damage but are quite heavy, so they will slow down. Meanwhile, others have weaker damage but are light, so Zoid can dodge more flexibly. Besides, there is a level system. Whenever a certain level is reached, the warrior will level up, and the system will reward a number of potential points for them to evolve to a higher level.

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