Adventures Of The Smurfs, The

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU
Publisher Infogrames
Released 2001

Adventures Of The Smurfs is a video game adventure simulation genre, released by the publisher Infogrames to fans in 2000. Coming to Adventures Of The Smurfs, players will transform into Handy Smurf and participate in creating a Machine to rescue his friends. The game takes players through sixteen extremely interesting levels. Each level has a different nature, map, gameplay. They can take place in a river, a mine or in an airplane, … The game is mainly interacted from the first perspective (from above), although the player can rotate the camera to see from other perspectives. But actually, the game is only optimal when viewed from the first perspective. With fun graphics and cute sounds, Adventures Of The Smurfs is definitely a good choice for those who want to relieve stress after hours of work and stressful work.

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