Asterix: Search For Dogmatix

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Platformer
Region EU
Publisher Infogrames
Released May 31, 2000

Asterix – Search For Dogmatix is ​​a role-playing action game. Firstly, talking about the graphics of this version, this is controversial because the designs are too simple and the contour is not clearly visible. However, clear colors will increase the experience of the game. Entering the game, the first map will be unlocked, allowing the player to move quickly. Gold coins will appear along the way so pay attention to move and perform the appropriate dance moves to be able to collect the most money. Each stage will have only one go, and in each stage, the character will have 5 lives. Along the way, obstacles or some enemies will also appear. In this case, jump over them or destroy them to save your way.

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