Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Action , Platformer
Region US , AU
Publisher Nintendo
ReleasedJanuary 26, 2000

Bionic Commando – Elite Forces is a Platform game, produced and developed by Nintendo and launched in 2000. The game’s setting is in peaceful Karina but has been terrorized by a cruel name is Arcturus. He is the leader of the Avars, an evil army that has persecuted Karinia for many years. And you will play as a member of the elite forces fighting the Avars army to rescue this land, as well as saving Joe – a member of the team captured by Avars. The character you play will be an unnamed sapper, but capable of using sniper rifles, and in addition, you also have other special skills to use in serious situations. Difficult missions are waiting ahead for the player to pass.

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