Bomberman Max – Blue Champion

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher Vatical Entertainment
ReleasedMay 14, 2000

Bomberman Max – Blue Champion is an action genre video game, released by Hudson Soft’s publisher to fans in 1999. Coming to Bomberman Max – Blue Champion, players can choose one of two characters, Bomberman or Max, to join the experience. The game revolves around a confrontation between the player and artificial intelligence called Brain. Now Brain has transformed five peaceful planets full of happiness into cold, dark planets. The player will try to go ahead of Brain in invasions and destroy him. The game consists of 100 different stages with increasing difficulty, and all modes have a top-down perspective, although each level has a different mission. Moreover, Bomberman Max – Blue Champion was provided with extremely good graphics and sound platform right from the first versions.

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