Bomberman Max – Red Challenger

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher Vatical Entertainment
ReleasedMay 14, 2000

Bomberman Max – Red Challenger is a bomb and maze game developed and published by producer Hudson Soft. You will play Bomberman, going into a maze with a first-person perspective. And you will have to find the way through the maze and to avoid being discovered by your enemies. The entrances and exits from the maze are all blocked by large rocks, so you need to place bombs to clear these rocks. You will also have other skills to increase the power of the bomb, as Fire will increase the power and help the bomb explode over a wider range. Initially, you will be a robot, but after exiting the maze, you will return to human form. There are 50 levels from easy to difficult, so you can overcome them.

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