Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Adventure
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Nintendo
ReleasedJanuary 29, 1999

Bugs Bunny – Crazy Castle 3 is an adventure genre game developed by Kemco and first released by Nintendo to the player in 1997. You will play the role of Bugs when he finds out. That there is a treasure but do not know its exact location. However, many things will prevent you from coming to this treasure. You will have to go through all 61 levels ranging from easy to difficult, and each level will have 8 keys to help you get closer to the treasure. Try to go through all the levels to be able to collect enough keys. With a simple play mechanism with only 4 control buttons, along with interesting game modes with funny graphic images, Bugs Bunny – Crazy Castle 3 will be a very suitable game for you to entertain.

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