Dragon Ball Z – Guerreros De Leyenda (S)

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Adventure
Region US
Publisher Infogrames
Released 1999

Dragon Ball Z – Guerreros De Leyenda (S) is a visual novel genre video game, first released for fans by Daisuke Nishio in 1993. Because the game is a visual novel genre, players do not have to do much but mainly follow the game and offer a few options to guide the storyline. The game has a plot revolving around the fight of the super Saiyan with Broly. Millionaire Jagger Batta has the plot to rule the world, but all are stopped by the super heroes. However, he always thought that Santa was the one who obstructed his dream. Once, Jagger Batta forced Santa to go to an island (where he raised the gene mutation creatures). But luckily for Santa, there are Trunks and Goten with him. After discovering the island, Trunks and Goten realized that Jagger Batta was able to revive even Broly – the most powerful and cruel landlord of Saiyan history.

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