Earthworm Jim – Menace 2 The Galaxy

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Platformer
Region US
Publisher Crave Entertainment
Released November 10, 1999

Earthworm Jim – Menace 2 The Galaxy is a platformer in the series of famous Earthworm Jim games, which was launched in November 1999. The game was built with the highly appreciated gameplay combined with Beautiful graphics, built on the 2D side-scrolling platform. Controlling the Evil Jin character, the player will steal a time-traveling device, traveling back to the past to prevent the evil plot of his evil twin. Elements were also added in this release, increasing the level of drama and challenge for the game. Firearms such as plasma guns, grenade launchers, or rifles will be equipped when entering the game. In order to upgrade the guns, Jim needs to collect more precious gems. However, the game will be more focused on the tasks required to collect items. Completing each level, characters will be added 100 points to experience points.

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