FIFA 2000

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher Electronic Arts

FIFA 2000 is a soccer simulation genre game, brought to fans by EA Sports in 2000. The game allows players to control and play with more than 40 teams around the world. In addition, FIFA 2000 allows players to classify these teams according to their strength, specific technique, … Through training mode, you can learn the different skills of playing football. With a beautiful interface, all the tools in Fifa 2000 have been optimized to facilitate the process of joining the experience. A lot of new applications and interactions are included in the game. For example, the camera function will allow players to observe matches in many different angles. A lot of customization for players to choose from shirt colors, weather, stadiums, or if they like, they can create a player named after themselves and compete with the football star. In addition, the game is also favored by the developer to add a real-world effect in the game that will make players feel like they are participating in a real match.

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