Godzilla – The Series – Monster Wars

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Other
Region US , EU
Publisher Crawfish Interactive
Released 2000

Godzilla – The Series – Monster Wars is a shooting genre video game brought to fans by Crawfish Interactive in 2000. The game has a fairly independent storyline, not related to any documents. The game takes place in the 2000s, the year Godzilla wakes up after millions of years of sleep in the deep sea. The aliens see the power of Godzilla is too terrorist, and they are worried that humans can not fight back, so they created mutants with extraordinary power on Earth with the desire to balance Godzilla’s power. Coming to Godzilla – The Series – Monster Wars, players will control a giant lizard and attack the enemy with special attacks of Godzilla such as shooting fireballs, biting, stomping, or breathing fire. The game has ten action levels, taking place in many locations such as desert, underwater, or in the city. Although there is quite a new story and gameplay, Godzilla – The Series – Monster Wars graphics and sound are not really good.

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