Koro Koro Kirby

Koro Koro Kirby
Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region JP
Downloads 3
Released August 23, 2000
5/5 (1 vote)
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Koro Koro Kirby is a video game of action-puzzle videos, brought to fans by Nintendo in 2000. The game revolves around Kirby, a smart and agile guy. One day, while taking a nap in a cloud, he saw a dwarf horse Dee passing by. On Dee’s back was carrying a star like a balloon. Then he saw King Dedede following behind carrying a long bumper. Doubting the king’s intention, Kirir secretly spied on the two, determined to learn the king’s plot. Soon after, Kirby learned that Dream Land lost a star, and the king was on his way to find it. The main goal of the game is to use physical laws to get Kirby to the finish line. To complete the screen, players only need to collect just enough game points given.

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